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New insight into WDVV equation
We show that Witten-Dijkgraaf-Verlinde-Verlinde equation underlies the construction of N=4 superconformal multi--particle mechanics in one dimension, including a N=4 superconformal Calogero model.
On X-Ray Channeling in mu- and n-capillaries
In this work X-ray propagation in micro- and nano-size capillaries has been considered in the frame of a simple unified wave theory. It is shown that the diminishing of the channel sizes completely changes the mode of beam transportation, namely, we obtain the transformation of surface channeling in microcapillaries to bulk channeling in nanocapillaries (nanotubes).
On the complex structure in the Gupta-Bleuler quantization method
We examine the general conditions for the existence of the complex structure intrinsic in the Gupta-Bleuler quantization method for the specific case of mixed first and second class fermionic constraints in an arbitrary space-time dimension. The cases d=3 and 10 are shown to be of prime importance. The explicit solution for d=10 is presented.
Non-Minimal String Corrections And Supergravity
We reconsider the well-known issue of string corrections to Supergravity theory. Our treatment is carried out to second order in the string slope parameter. We establish a procedure for solving the Bianchi identities in the non minimal case, and we solve a long standing problem in the perturbative expansion of D=10, N=1 string corrected Supergravity, obtaining the H sector tensors, torsions and curvatures.
String Corrections To The Riemann Curvature Tensor
The string corrections to the Riemann Curvature tensor are found to first order in the string slope parameter, here proportional to $\g$. This is done for D=10 supergravity, the presumed low energy limit of string theory. We follow the perturbative approach. We also simplify a crucial result in our previous solution.
N=4 supersymmetric mechanics with nonlinear chiral supermultiplet
We construct N=4 supersymmetric mechanics using the N=4 nonlinear chiral supermultiplet. The two bosonic degrees of freedom of this supermultiplet parameterize the sphere S(2) and go into the bosonic components of the standard chiral multiplet when the radius of the sphere goes to infinity. We construct the most general action and demonstrate that the nonlinearity of the supermultiplet results in the deformation of the connection, which couples the fermionic degrees of freedom with the background, and of the bosonic potential. Also a non-zero magnetic field could appear in the system.
Comments on N=2 Born-Infeld Attractors
We demonstrated that the new N=2 Born-Infeld action with two N=1 vector supermultiplets, i.e. n=2 case considered as the example in the recent paper by S. Ferrara, M. Porrati and A. Sagnotti, is some sort of complexification of J. Bagger and A. Galperin construction of N=2 Born-Infeld action. Thus, novel features could be expected only for n>2 cases, if the standard action is considered.
AdS_2/CFT_1, Canonical Transformations and Superconformal Mechanics
We propose a simple conformal mechanics model which is classically equivalent to a charged massive particle propagating near the AdS_2\times S^2 horizon of an extreme Reissner-Nordstr\"om black hole. The equivalence holds for any finite value of the black hole mass and with both the radial and angular degrees of freedom of the particle taken into account. It is ensured by the existence of a canonical transformation in the Hamiltonian formalism. Using this transformation, we construct the Hamiltonian of a N=4 superparticle on AdS_2\times S^2 background.
ABC of N=8, d=1 supermultiplets
We construct a variety of off-shell $N{=}8, d{=}1$ supermultiplets with finite numbers of component fields as direct sums of properly constrained $N{=}4, d{=}1$ superfields. We also show how these multiplets can be described in $N{=}8, d{=}1$ superspace where the whole amount of supersymmetry is manifest. Some of these multiplets can be obtained by dimensional reduction {}from $N{=}2$ multiplets in $d{=}4$, whereas others cannot. We give examples of invariant superfield actions for the multiplets constructed, including $N{=}8$ superconformally invariant ones.
N=4 superconformal mechanics in the pp-wave limit
We constructed the pp-wave limit of N=4 superconformal mechanics with the off-shell $({\bf 3,4,1})$ multiplet. We present the superfield and the component actions which exhibit the interesting property that the interaction parts are completely fixed by the symmetry. We also explicitly demonstrate that the passing to the pp-wave limit can be achieved by keeping at most quadratic nonlinearities in the action of (super)conformal mechanics.

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