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Noncommutative Tachyonic Solitons. Interaction with Gauge Field
We show that in the presence of U(1) noncommutative gauge interaction the noncommutative tachyonic system exhibits solitonic solutions for finite value of the noncommutativity parameter.
Interacting Noncommutative Lumps
We consider interaction of two lumps corresponding to 0-branes in noncommutative gauge theory
Quantum Kaluza-Klein Compactification
Kaluza--Klein compactification in quantum field theory is analysed from the perturbation theory viewpoint. Renormalisation group analysis for compactification size dependence of the coupling constant is proposed.
Interacting noncommutative solitons (vacua)
We consider the dynamics of two interacting lumps/solitons in a noncommutative gauge model. We show that equations of motion describing this dynamics can be reduced to ones of a two-dimensional mechanical system which is well studied and was shown to exhibit stochastic behaviour.
Compactified Quantum Fields. Is there Life Beyond the Cut-off Scale?
A consistent definition of high dimensional compactified quantum field theory without breaking the Kaluza-Klein tower is proposed. It is possible in the limit when the size of compact dimensions is of the order of the cut off. This limit is nontrivial and depends on the geometry of compact dimensions. Possible consequences are discussed for the scalar model.
M[any] Vacua of IIB
Description of the spectrum of fluctuations around a commutative vacuum solution, as well as around a solution with degenerate commutator in IIB matrix model is given in terms of supersymmetric Yang-Mills (YM) model. We construct explicitly the map from Hermitian matrices to YM fields and study the dependence of the spectrum and respective YM model on the symmetries of the solution. The gauge algebra of the YM model is shown to contain local reparameterisation algebra as well as Virasoro one.
Chaining spins from (super)Yang--Mills
We review the spin bit model describing anomalous dimensions of the operators of Super Yang--Mills theory. We concentrate here on the scalar sector. In the limit of large $N$ this model coincides with integrable spin chain while at finite N it has nontrivial chain splitting and joining interaction.
Matrix at strong coupling
We describe the strong coupling limit (g->infty) for the Yang--Mills type matrix models. In this limit the dynamics of the model is reduced to one of the diagonal components which is characterized by a linearly confining potential. We also shortly discuss the case of the pure Yang--Mills model in more than one dimension.
SO(N) invariant Wess-Zumino action and its quantization
A consistent quantization procedure of anomalous chiral models is discussed. It is based on the modification of the classical action by adding Wess-Zumino terms. The $SO(3)$ invariant WZ action for the $SO(3)$ model is constructed. Quantization of the corresponding modified theory is considered in details.
Brane Vacuum as Chain of Rotators
We analyse the noncommutative U(1) sigma model, which arises from the vacuum dynamics of the noncommutative charged tachyonic field. The sector of ``spherically symmetric'' excitations of the model is equivalent to a chain of rotators. Classical solutions for this model are found, which are static and ``spherically symmetric'' in noncommutative spatial dimensions. The limit of small noncommutativity reveals the presence of Polyakov vortices in the model. A generalisation of the model to q-deformed space, which may serve as a regularisation of the non-deformed model is also considered.

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